Vans Presents : [Collaboratory] – Tommy Guerrero Part 1


Tommy Guerrero / トミー・ゲレロ


を試み、その優れたクリエイションを紹介する “Collabaratory”



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リヴィング・ダート Living Dirt
Tommy Guerrero

1. The sorrow of tomorrow
2. Remain fluid
3. Seas to sand
4. Fight to exist in light
5. The unfuture
6. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam
7. Of the earth
8. L-O-V-E [Sometimes not ] U
9. Sprit hands
10. The paramour and the pugilist
11. Elegy for the living
12. L-O-V-E [Sometimes not] ME
13. Burn bright in dark days
14. Up against the knife

ライフボーツ・アンド・フォリーズ Lifeboats and Follies
Tommy Guerrero 

1. Yerba buena bump
2. Cut the reins
3. March of the masses
4. The same confusion and hope
5. Bullfights on broadway
6. Anywhere everywhere
7. The last maverick
8. Puesta del sol
9. On the west
10. The lonely and the only
11. Cello and goodbye
12. Nomadic static
13. Mission badlands


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